Idea Takes a Leap with iPRONTO - A Startup Incubator Platform Built on Blockchain

In an era of startups, where ideas surface and succumb to cut-throat competition, there is a persistent demand of a decentralized startup incubation solution, free from any central influence and related discrepancy.

The world today, is not short of ideas. What we are missing is a support system that pulls them through the initial roadblocks - a platform that can help them realize the idea and create a better future for all of us.

The advent of blockchain has brought us closer to realizing a decentralized ecosystem. We have faster & more secure networks, a quantum leap in transaction volumes, and of course all this is done while eliminating the need of record-keeping. In fact, the rapid development in the field of blockchain, coupled with development of smart contracts have enabled the creation of multiple innovative solutions.

One such platform, from the house of Idea Paradise, has brought forth a connectivity platform for all those innovations. One can agree that ideas have no limits, so why limit them when it comes to realization?

iPRONTO, a decentralized startup incubation platform, has positioned a disruption in the startup ecosystem. Imagine having funding opportunities, equipment, technical support, IT services, mentoring, and a zillion other services, all at one place.

iPRONTO does just that.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, iPRONTO brings together each and every entity, required to help an idea scale. The platform will act as the converging point for VCs, Governments, Regulatory Bodies & Service Providers across different sectors, while eliminating conventional middleman based process.

Be it patent filings, payrolls, employee background checks, NDAs, hiring, legal, finance or marketing, innovators on the iPRONTOcoin platform can avail any & all services they might need to grow their idea.

The platform will connect innovators, service providers and investors, acting as a seamless facilitator for startup incubation. As a startup accelerator platform, iPRONTO will bring us at the verge of faster startup growth cycles, where products hit the market faster, and every worthy individual gets the visibility he/she deserves.

We, at iPRONTO imagine a world where ideas never die. Each of them sees daylight, grows, and evolves into a solution, to ensure better human lives. With the rise of blockchain, the idea that no central authority is needed, has dawned upon us. With iPRONTO, we aim to realize that, and help innovators grow while creating a better world for all of us.