The Story of IPR: A Token Behind Million Ideas

As a trader, when you look out for a trading instrument, one simple question pops up, i.e., ROI. Of course, the long-term prospects of the particular currency pair, or the PoS (Proof of Stake) are crucial before you make the final decision, but ROI is a definitive check into the feasibility of an investment.

An Outlook

The tide of rapid advancement has brought us against thousands of startups surfacing, and succumbing to shortfalls every year. In such an ecosystem, a distributed ecosystem that could help startups survive the initial phase of growth, was a necessity.

Startup incubators are many, but a unified solution is missing. First of all, innovators/inventors have to search for the right investor who would stake his funds behind the idea. Second, they have to build everything from scratch, select an office space, put together legal documents & registrations, and above all, ensure the growth and scale of their startup.

Founders tend to get lost in absence of actionable advice and of course, cash crunch. A definitive solution for innovators was needed. A solution, that might bring closer the people that build ideas into solutions.


An early-stage startup incubation platform - iPRONTO, is the converging point for startups. An “Equal Opportunity for All” solution, iPRONTO is meant to help innovators, without any distinction.

After an initial evaluation, ideas will be pitched to investors on iPRONTO. Once the idea gets selected, innovators can opt for services on the platform itself, to help their startup grow. Be it legal, HR, marketing, real estate, or any other requirement, iPRONTO platform will be flocked by service providers to help them all.

Why contribute in IPR?

iPRONTO has successfully completed its pre-ICO stage, achieving it’s soft cap. Based in Estonia, iPRONTO has a Service Marketplace as PoS where IPR is the coin behind it, expected to go live in first week of September, 2018.

Built on Blockchain, iPRONTO platform leverages Smart Contracts to execute transactions, ensuring added verifiability and immutability of the trades done in IPR.

Simply put, you don’t just trade in IPR - you stake your funds behind a startup ecosystem, where you are an equal contributor to the platform. IPR supply is constant, but when investors & innovators pour in, demand is set to surge. Add in the repercussions of multiple service providers leveraging IPR, day-in and day-out. The surge in volume that follows, will deliver exceptional returns on your investment for years to come.